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The History of Glasflügel Ing. Eugen Hänle / Schlattstall

 Founded by Eugen Hänle in 1957 the Glasflügel Company was located in Schlattstall, in the south of Kirchheim/Teck. By the logo of a dragonfly (German "Libelle") the company is recognized up to the present. In May 1975, financial problems lead to a co-operation with the Schempp-Hirth. Until 1979 Glasflügel carried the name "Holighaus & Hillenbrand+CoKG" and was then dissolved in 1982 as a German-Brasilian Aircraft Consortium.

The founder Eugen Hänle himself was killed in a flight accident on 21st of September, 1975.

In 1964 Glasflügel started the large-scale production of H 301 Libelle, a 15m glider with wing flaps, which achieved performances far ahead of others in the newly created 15 m class in 1975. A total of more than 100 gliders of this type, which is also known as Open Libelle, were produced between 1964 and 1969. Thus, the first time in history a fiber glass aircraft construction was mass-produced! Other famous glider types as well were built by Glasflügel, e.g. BS 1, Standard Libelle, Kestrel, Glasflügel 604, Club Libelle, Hornet, Mosquito, Glasflügel 304 and Glasflügel 402. Additionally, there were some more prototypes; the 202, 203 and 204 for example preceded the Club Libelle and Hornet. Interesting but never finished was the project of a two seater with side by side seats, the Glasflügel 701 and 704. Similar to the Calif it was conceived with a double wheel undercarriage, a T-shaped elevator with stabilizer, flaps divided in three sections over a wingspan of 19 meters for the Glasflügel 701 and 22 meters with a surface area of 18,76 m² for    the Glasflügel 704. On 8th of January 1981 Hansjörg Streifeneder started the construction of Falcon, working in his spare time the factory floors of Glasflügel. Falcon became an advanced standard class glider. The calculations and measurements were carried out by Martin Hansen, another Glasflügel employee of those days. Hansjörg Streifeneder himself made the first testing flight in Braunschweig on 7th July 1981.

After the bankruptcy of Glasflügel, Hansjörg Streifeneder felt committed to the work of Eugen Hänle and continued with the maintenance and certification of all Glasflügel gliders. He founded the Glasflügel Aircraft Service GmbH. At first he worked in the old Glasflügel facilities, but soon he built completely new facilities in Grabenstetten. In the first years he concentrated on maintenance, surface finishing, service and repair work of Glasflügel aircrafts and also gliders from other manufacturers. Nowadays his company offers a wide range of services to the international aerospace industry and is specialized in composite technologies.

urvey of manufacturing

Type Year Number built
H 30 GFK 1962 1
H 301 Libelle 1964 until1969 108
Glasflügel BS 1 1966 until 1968 18
Standard Libelle 1967 until 1974 600
Kestrel 1968 until 1975 129
Glasflügel 604  1970 until 1973 10
Standard Libelle 202 1970 1
Standard Libelle 203 1972 until 1973 2
Standard Libelle 204 1973 1
Club Libelle 205 1973 until 1976 171
Hornet 1974 until 1979 89
Hornet C 1979 until 1980 12
Mosquito 1976 until 1980 199
Glasflügel 304 1980 until 1982 62
Glasflügel 402 1981 1
Falcon   1981 1

We are always in search of photographs showing gliders of our clients. If you hold the copyright and want to publish it on this website, please send it to:


Glasfaser-Flugzeug-Service GmbH
Hansjörg Streifeneder
Hofener Weg
D-72582 Grabenstetten
FON +49 (0)7382 / 1032   
FAX +49 (0)7382 / 1629

Approval according to
EASA  PART 21   DE.21G.0080